Jewelry Care

14K Gold Filled Jewelry:  

Our Demi Fine Collection is all 14K Gold Filled! This means that a very thick layer of Gold has been bonded to the brass base metal. Gold Filled jewelry is comparable quality to solid gold without paying solid gold prices! Gold filled jewelry has 100X more gold than standard Gold Plated jewels! Gold Filled jewelry is shower safe, hypoallergenic, and anti-tarnish. 

Avoid directly applying soaps, lotions, chemicals (such as perfumes) and pool water (i.e. chlorine and extremely salty water) to prolong the life of your Gold Filled jewels. Store your gold filled jewels in your MOGANO dust bag or in a jewelry box for best protection between wears. 


925 Sterling Silver:

925 Sterling Silver is an alloy metal mix made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy metal, usually copper. Our pieces that are marked “925” are 925 Sterling Silver.

925 Sterling Silver needs care too! Silver is H2O and O2 sensitive. Be sure to avoid any contact with water or sweat when wearing your pieces as sterling silver will oxidize over time.

Store your 925 pieces in a jewelry box or in a jewelry pouch to protect them from dust or prolonged exposure to oxygen.

To clean your 925 pieces, use a clean jewelry polishing cloth or a dry toothbrush to gently brush the surface of your piece.


Gold Vermeil:

 Gold Vermeil is a layer of gold, typically 14 or 18 carats, that is plated on top of Sterling Silver. Gold Vermeil allows a jewelry piece to become higher quality without getting extremely expensive. Gold Vermeil jewels are hypoallergenic and long lasting with proper care.

Gold Vermeil needs care in a similar way to Sterling Silver. 
Be sure to remove your Vermeil pieces before encountering water, sweat, perfumes and lotions. Store your Vermeil pieces in a jewelry pouch or in a jewelry box to prevent aging, dust and damage.

To clean, use a jewelry polishing cloth and gently rub until your piece is shiny and clean.

 Other Jewels:

 MOGANO carries a variety of jewels with a wide range of prices in order to make our jewels accessible to everyone! Our jewels range from high quality Gold Filled to Costume Jewelry. Our Costume Jewelry will vary in material from an Alloy Metal mix to Stainless Steel. These jewels are made of alloy metals that are sensitive to water, sweat, perfumes, and lotions. We highly recommend storing and caring for these jewels properly to prolong their life.

Be sure to store your pieces in a jewelry box, pouch or hang your pieces to prevent them from collecting dust or aging. Proper care of all of your jewelry will prolong their lives exponentially!

If you have any special requests, concerns or questions about our products please contact us by emailing or DM us on Instagram at @shopmogano