Mogano is the Italian word for Mahogany. Mahogany is a hard, reddish-brown timber that is typically used for high end, luxury furniture.

We chose this name because our brand aims to achieve a high end, luxury feel without the expectation of paying a fortune for each piece.

"We were tired of mark-ups so decided to build a brand to give you affordable, fashionable accessories that you can wear everyday"

Hey Babe! We’re so excited to have you visit us! Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

My name is Morgan, one of the co-founders of MOGANO. Since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion for fashion and small boutiques. I’ve spent much of my time working in the fashion industry as an international model, as well as working in retail. Over the years I’ve dreamt of having a store of my own. This idea became reality when I met Cooper.

"We want to make women feel Confident and Empowered and to LOVE the way they look, without needing to break the bank"

Cooper and I met in late 2017. When we met, Cooper was finishing his finance degree. Cooper has always had an entrepreneurial spirit which has driven him to continuously create. Cooper had experience in e-commerce and web design when we met, and I had experience in fashion and retail. We thought it only made sense to combine our talents and create MOGANO. MOGANO is the online jewelry store we both dreamt of shopping on for ourselves.

 "Our strengths in business, fashion and trend spotting, allowed us to find and give you the best jewelry pieces at the best prices"

As a couple we have worked day and night to create this store so that every experience from visiting our social media, to viewing our website, to buying and receiving your products is the best quality experience we can possibly make it. My experiences all over the world have influenced my style which has allowed me to curate a collection of jewels that I believe will suit styles of all types. We’ve curated this collection so that you will want to wear your pieces every single day. I truly love every piece in our collection, and I know that you will love them just as much as I do!

"We wanted to create a community and a store that we wanted to shop at, so that YOU can have the best experience possible"

We can wait to see you in all of our jewels!


Cooper and Morgan